Who We Are

Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants (MAC) is a physician anesthesiologist mobile anesthesia company that provides in-office sedation services to both pediatric and adult patients with a special emphasis on pediatric dental patients.  Our physicians are licensed board-certified anesthesiologists.  Susan Lava-Parmele, MD MPH has additional training and is board-certified in both anesthesiology and pediatric anesthesiology.

With special expertise & training in caring for

Children & Adults

Our physician anesthesiologists also provide sedation services for a wide variety of outpatient procedures including plastic surgery, radiology and fertility among other patients in addition to all dental specialties including general dentistry, periodontists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons and other dental professionals.

MAC is a complete mobile solution for sedation care.  All equipment from anesthesia machines, medical gases, resuscitation equipment, medications and pre-operative and post-operative staff are brought onsite.  As space is often at a premium, the entire office set up is designed to minimize the office footprint.  Furthermore, all pre-operative and post-operative staffing is provided with the sedation service.

When it comes to sedation, nothing is more important than safety.  With special expertise and training in caring for children as well as adults, MAC strives to become the Minnesota leader in office based pediatric and adult anesthesia.

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